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Products for churches and charities

We have been providing software to Churches and Charities since 1985. In this time we have built a reputation for producing quality software designed to meet a wide range of needs and backed up with excellent technical support.

Accounts - Finance Co-ordinator

Finance Co-ordinator is a double entry fund accounting package, designed to manage the accounts for churches and charities as required by the Charity Commission. It has a selection of pre-designed account structures for various different denominations and orga More Info »

Gift Aid - Donations Co-ordinator

Donations Co-ordinator complies with the latest HMRC Gift Aid and Gift Aid Small Donations Scheme (GASDS) regulations and manages all of your donations whether they are gift aided or not. More Info »

Membership - Membership Co-ordinator

Membership Co-ordinator is your complete membership administration package, enabling you to record everything you need to know about families and individuals within your organisation. You can easily record groups, track group attendance, set tasks, produce rot More Info »

More options - Donations Co-ordinator v7 - Upgrade from previous version

Donations Co-ordinator v7 has been developed from the very successful version 6 and has been updated to ensu

More options - Finance Co-ordinator v4 - Upgrade from previous version

Developing on from the very successful version 1 & 2, Finance Co-ordinator v3 includes everything you could want from a fund-accounting system developed by us specifically for churches and charities More Info »

More options - Membership Co-ordinator v3 - Upgrade from previous version

Membership Co-ordinator has been designed with the administrative needs of churches and charities centre-stage. With its fast and extensible database system, tight integration with Microsoft Office and powerful built-in communication tools, Membership Co-ordi More Info »