Cloud Application


  • Record an unlimited number of people and family records
  • Share the work – create as many different users as you wish but only give them the access rights you decide
  • Create online forms for a variety of different purposes
  • Enter family details, such as telephone numbers and email addresses, to one person’s record and it will automatically appear on everyone else’s record who are part of the same family
  • Setup relationships for immediate and distant relatives
  • Record public and encrypted private notes about your members
  • Create an unlimited amount of user defined fields to tailor the information you can store on your members
  • Store photos of people (if permitted) to help old and new administrators easily recognise records and identify members with the same name
  • Manage groups, meetings (face to face and online) and attendance with ease
  • Create visits and record encrypted confidential notes securely
  • Produce rotas that automatically prevent calendar clashes and create rules to be taken in to consideration whenever rotas are generated
  • Manage and track certificates – Produce reports to show a certificate’s current status and highlight any leaders that require certificates – for example DBS’s
  • Manage clubs and subscription fees
  • Send emails to individuals or groups of people within your organisation quickly and easily
  • Works on PC, Apple Mac, iPad, Tablet or virtually any browser enabled device
  • Work at the office, at home or anywhere there is an internet connection
  • Technical support via telephone and email included


  • No complete credit/debit card or bank details are stored at any point
  • Our servers are all PCI DSS compliant
  • Our site is tested by a completely independent specialist security company to ensure everything remains secure.
  • Our servers are monitored by technical support staff 24/7
  • The site is backed up regularly

Monthly Cost

MyMembershipManager.Online costs £15 per month including VAT.
This includes:
  • Use of the software
  • As many users as you wish
  • As many donors as you wish
  • All version upgrades
  • Technical support by telephone, email and support ticket.
If you are a group of churches (such as a Parish) then the first church would cost £15 per month and each
subsequent church within the Parish would simply require an additional licence at a cost of £4 per month including

Price # Quantity

£15.00 +

£4.00 per additional licence

* incl. VAT


per Month