Membership Coordinator v3

Desktop Application

Membership Co-ordinator is your complete membership administration package, enabling you to record everything you need to know about families and individuals within your organisation. You can easily record groups, track group attendance, set tasks, produce rotas and schedule visits. Generate maps and directions; send text messages and emails at the click of a button. As well as a range of data entry facilities the software also has a wide variety of reporting options, including a complete membership directory booklet with photographs, calendar reports for both families and individuals, next of kin reports, street directories and many more.


    • Record an unlimited number of people and family records
    • Setup relationships for immediate and distant relatives
    • Easily produce a complete ‘booklet style’ membership directory – with an additional option to include or exclude photographs
    • Automatically produce maps and turn-by-turn directions to your members’ homes from any address you specify
    • Manage groups, skills, tasks and visits
    • Record groups and people’s attendance (if required)
    • Produce rotas that automatically take into consideration unavailable dates, holidays, conflicting rotas and visiting schedules
    • Create rules to be taken in to consideration whenever rotas are generated – for instance John and Margret Smith always want to work together whereas David Lloyd and Martin Davies never want to work together – setting individual preferences ensures that your members are always happy and takes the strain out of producing rotas
    • The comprehensive Startup Form makes accessing the most commonly used facilities in Membership Co-ordinator even easier
    • Manage and track certificates – Produce reports to show a certificate’s current status and highlight any leaders that require certificates – for example CRB’s
    • Manage clubs and subscription fees
    • Create an unlimited amount of user defined fields to store the essential information for your organisation
    • SmartFilters enable you to constantly track and monitor your organisation’s membership based on any criteria you set
    • Record public and private notes about your members
    • Enter family details, such as telephone numbers and email addresses, to one person’s record and it will automatically appear on everyone else’s record who are part of the same family
    • Create your own reports with our ‘User-Designed People Reports and Labels’ facility
    • Export reports as Word, Excel, PDF, Open Office, HTML, RTF, TXT and DBF files


    • Store photos for both families and individuals – help old and new administrators easily recognise records and identify members with the same name
    • A palette of seven pastel colours makes screens and tabbed pages easy to navigate – you can even customise the colours to suit your preferences
    • By stretching or reducing the size of windows you can increase or reduce the font size


    • Send emails to individuals or groups of people within your organisation quickly and easily
    • Send text messages directly from within the program
    • Use the automatic mail-merge facility to easily address letters to all of your members or just those in a particular group or SmartFilter
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Price # Quantity

£149.00 +

£59.00 per additional licence

* incl. VAT

* 90 days free support