MyFundAccounting.Online Webinar

Due to the success of our first virtual Open Day on MyGiving.Online, we are hosting a similar event for MyFundAccounting.Online on Thursday 6th August at 3pm. Lasting for approximately 90 minutes the session will cover all the key elements of our online fund accounting package including:

  • How you can easily record a variety of transactions; from simple income & expenditure to debtors, liabilities and Agency Collections.
  • Importing transactions directly from your online Bank Statements
  • Transferring donations from MyGiving.Online to remove the need to duplicate input
  • Producing reports as required by the Charity Commission
  • And much more!

MyGiving.Online Webinar

On Friday 7th August at 11am there will be another oppurtunity to attend our Open Day style webinar presentation on MyGiving.Online. Lasting approximately one and a half hours we will demonstrate all the key features of MyGiving.Online including:

  • How it can easily store all your donor, donation and declaration information
  • The variety of methods available to either manual add or import your donations
  • It’s seamless integration with 3rd party apps to accept online donations and set-up direct debits
  • Claiming back Gift Aid from the HMRC
  • And much more!

FREE donations software, training and ‘how to’ guides

During these unprecedented times we have been working on how we can help support churches and so will be offering FREE donations software, FREE training and FREE ‘how to’ guides.

FREE MyGiving.Online Donations Software
We have received a number of phone calls from churches who are, understandably, concerned about maintaining their donations, particularly when their services aren’t taking place.

Therefore for new users, or existing Donations Co-ordinator users, we will be offering free use of MyGiving.Online for 90 days or until services start again. This will enable churches and charities to access new forms of digital giving, such as Donate Now buttons for credit/debit card and Direct Debit donations, QR codes to include with emails, facebook posts etc.

This is immediately available and churches can sign up by clicking here

For more information on the facilities included in MyGiving.Online click here.

FREE Training
During these unusual times we will also be hosting free online training sessions to help churches and charities get the most out of their use of MyGiving and MyFundAccounting. The dates, times and what’s included in each session is detailed below:

How do you join this free training session?
Simple. Simply send an email to detailing which session you would like to join (you can join as many as you wish) and your email address.

What will you need to join in?
You will need access to an internet browser, whether this is via a laptop, tablet, phone etc. PLEASE NOTE that the browsers supported are Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge. Chrome can be run on Apple Macs and tablets but please note that Safari is NOT supported. You will also need access to your email so that you can click on the ‘Join’ button included in your invitation email. Please note that as part of the invite process Microsoft Teams may show your email address to others in the meeting

How do I join the meeting?
Data Developments will send you an invitation email and at the allotted time you would simply click on the ‘Join Microsoft Teams Meeting’ button included in the invitation, click ‘Cancel’ and then clicking ‘Join on the web instead’, you should then enter a display name and click on ‘Join Now’. Please note that the invitation is an automated email. So if you don’t receive the email please check your Spam options

Can I ask questions?
Yes, of course, there will be a chat option that everyone will have access to. Therefore everyone can see the questions and answers

Will they be recorded or repeated?
Yes we are hoping that they will be recorded and available for you to run at a different date. We are also intending to repeat these training sessions, so if you can’t make one it will be available at a different time for you.

Dates, Times and Subjects

MyFundAccounting.Online – Tuesday 4th August – 5pm to 6pm: Importing from Bank statements, entering regular transactions, bank reconciliation, a selection of reports and Q&A

How do I add a Donate Now button in MyGiving
To create a Donate Now button in MyGiving to enable credit/debit card donations you will firstly need to create a Braintree account which will process the donations for you – similar to JustGiving or Paypal but with the money going directly to your church/charity bank account.

For guidance on how to add a donation button to your website click here

For advice on how to add a donation button to your ‘A Church Near You’ page click here

How can I broadcast a service?
During these unprecedented times of all churches being closed, but also at a time when churches will be needed to support people broadcasting live services, prayer sessions, reflections, etc is a way to help.

We have therefore produce a video to guide you through creating a live stream broadcast free of charge using YouTube and without the need to firstly have any subscribers.

To view the video please click here

How can you add a Donation option to your live stream
This is a little more complicated but again to help we have created a video to guide you through the steps


Are you struggling to secure a treasurer for your organisation? Is your current treasurer looking to hand over the role in the next financial year? Are you a treasurer finding it difficult to to get to grips with double entry fund accounting and/or managing computerised accounts?

Data Developments can help, as well as providing user friendly accounts, gift aid and administration software we also provide a bookkeeping service. Designed to help the struggling treasurer and provide peace of mind for those organisation that have found themselves without a treasurer for a significant period of time.

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Gift Aid and GASDS Service

With the introduction of Charities Online claiming and the Gift Aid Small Donations Scheme (GASDS) managing donations and submitting your claim can seem like a daunting process.

Our new Gift Aid and GASDS service has been designed to help smaller Churches and Charities get the most out of their gift aided donations and loose plate collections without the need to fill in time consuming manual claims or connect to the HMRCs website.

Using your manual records all of the required information would be entered into Donations Co-ordinator and quarterly claims submitted on your behalf. Increasing your income and helping to ease the cash flow of your organisation throughout the year.

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Independent Examination Service

Are you struggling to find an Independent Examiner who is knowledgeable about church or charity accounts? If your income is below £250,000 and if you are using our accounts software MyFundAccounting.Online or Finance Co-ordinator we can help.

An Independent Examination is a form of external scrutiny from a person who is independent of the church or charity and provides a limited check on specific matters, this is different to a full audit. An Independent Examiner is only required to confirm whether any material matters of concern have come to their attention whereas an auditor is required to provide an opinion on whether a charity’s accounts give a ‘true and fair view’.

Our examination involves a review of the accounting records kept and a comparison of the accounts presented with those records. It also includes a review of the accounts and looks at any unusual items or matters of concern that may have come to light. The report that we produce will comment on the accounting records kept, whether these agree with the accounts and if the format of the accounts is correct. In this work and using our experience, we will help the treasurer and trustees by providing guidance and assurance where appropriate throughout the process. Our aim is to help the Church or Charity produce better accounts.

The costs for our Independent Examination are 0.5% of your annual income or £250 whichever is the greater. To sign up or to have a chat with us please either call our sales line on 01902 714030 or email

For more information on our accounting software solutions, please click below – trial versions are available for both programs:

Finance Co-ordinator<