More options – Finance Co-ordinator v4 – Upgrade from previous version

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Developing on from the very successful version 3, Finance Co-ordinator v4 includes everything you could want from a fund-accounting system developed by us specifically for churches and charities. Over and above version 3 the new version 4 now includes:

New headings and SOFA structure to match SORP 2015
For those people using the current standard headings, there is an automatic transfer from SORP 2005 to SORP 2015. For those people using non-standard headings there is an option to impose the new headings, so that all you have to do is re-attach the income and expenditure codes.

New SOFA and SOFA summary reports to match SORP 2015
You can use Finance Co-ordinator to produce the updated SORP 2015 SOFA reports. The old reports are still available within the program for those people who don’t need to produce SORP 2015 compliant reports and prefer the old style layout.

New deferred income assistants
SORP 2015 has further clarified the handling of deferred income and so we have been able to include three new transaction assistants to handle these entries quickly and easily for you.

New reports included
As requested by a number of users we have included new cost centre, analysis of income and expenditure (with budgets) and specific reports for fixed assets, income accruals and negative transactions.

Updated Return of Parish Finance
For Church of England users the new Return of Parish Finance (for the year ending 2014) is included.

All of our software packages include 90 days free support, a start-up guide (pdf), a manual (pdf) and an online help facility.