More options – Membership Co-ordinator v3 – Upgrade from previous version

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Membership Co-ordinator has been designed with the administrative needs of churches and charities centre-stage. With its fast and extensible database system, tight integration with Microsoft Office and powerful built-in communication tools, Membership Co-ordinator simplifies and streamlines your administrative tasks and puts you back in control of your data.

Here are some of the key features of Membership Co-ordinator 3:

Key Features

Data Management with People at the centre
Your members are your most valuable resource and we firmly believe that good administration is a key feature of good pastoral care. Let’s face it, nobody feels cared for when we lose track of who they are, what they are involved in or the fact that nobody has visited them for ten years! Membership Co-ordinator puts all the vital information about each of the people in your church or organisation together in one place – the People screen. For each of your members you can see at a glance which groups they belong to, which rotas they are on, when they have been visited, who they are related to and far, far more.

Powerful Communication Tools
Good communication is the lifeblood of any healthy organisation, and Membership Co-ordinator has built-in tools to allow you to communicate easily with the different groups of people you need to contact. Emailing is built in, as is direct texting through our partnership with txtLocal (an account is required for this). You can mail-merge from within the program so you need never again send an impersonal “Dear member” letter and if you use Microsoft Word the mail-merge facility links directly in to the Word “Mail Merge Wizard” to allow a seamless interaction between the two programs. For Microsoft Office users we have also provided an export facility to Microsoft Outlook so your data can be kept in sync between the two systems.

All your Church Activities in one place – Groups, Tasks, Visits and Skills
Membership Co-ordinator is designed to look after the information, which you need to store about all the activities and programs of your church or organisation. Enter information about each of your groups and who belongs to them. Keep track of the tasks that need doing and the rotas for doing them, or just sit back and let Membership Co-ordinator create the rotas for you – it will even email everyone on the rota to let them know the dates! Build up a knowledge base of the gifts and skills possessed by members of your organisation so you know who exactly to call on when that unusual job comes along. Plan in advance for who you would like to visit pastorally and then record the visits you make and see how you are meeting those aims. And, of course, a raft of different reports allow you to view and review this information in a host of different ways.

SmartFilters – Groups of people which update themselves
Your membership is almost certainly not a static thing and so you need dynamic tools to enable you to work with them and contact them. For example, say each month you want to text all the parents of children aged between 8 and 11 to remind them about an event. You could create a list in a Word document but by next month it will be out of date – some parents will have changed their mobile number, new children will have joined, some may have left and still others will have had birthdays – SmartFilters handle this for you automatically. Create a SmartFilter asking for the parents of everyone aged 8-11 and every time you use the SmartFilter the list will be up to date. If someone joins or leaves or changes their contact details you simply update the central database once and all the SmartFilters are dynamically updated straight away – you need never again have to say “I’m so sorry we missed you out, our list was out of date…”

All of our software packages include 90 days free support, a start-up guide (pdf), a manual (pdf) and an online help facility.